Accompany me on a wonderful journey into the realm of senses.

You are looking for a strong, dominant and attractive lady who knows exactly how to deal with your needs and inclinations?

Then your search has now come to an end, because you have found me.

You think you know yourself and have already fully reached your goals? Then I will prove you wrong and show you who you really are. Your desires and preferences are my drive, your insecurities and limits my fuel.

You are rather (still) inexperienced, do not know exactly what you are looking for, but feel this mysterious desire in you and want to take this step together with me and let it become reality? You can abandon yourself to me without hesitation, so that I can take you, especially as a beginner, into this fascinating world. With a lot of empathy, you will always experience me as a calm dominatrix who treats you with due respect.

Embark with me on an erotic, bizarre journey. Whether full throttle ahead or sensitive and considerate at walking pace: together we will explore your own inclinations. To enjoy them, change them or even turn them off as well as test your limit on all levels through and through. Beginners are welcome!

Serving me is neither a coincidence nor a choice, it is your destiny. I will reach the abysses of your soul as well as the heights of your heart to recognize and touch your true ME.

With my beauty I have already put you under my spell and enchant you with authentic lived dominance. How intense and extensive it becomes between us, depends crucially on how well you follow my instructions, how much time we spend together and how much you trust me. As my slave, you have no expectations at any time, because it already satisfies you just to obey me unconditionally, as well as to read my wishes from my lips and fulfill them.

Of course, there is always a first time, that means, a first session. Here we can both determine whether there is chemistry between us and there may even be a basis on which we can build a long term relation.

My maid

Publications about myself:

My dominance

Submit and obey me

My dominance can vary greatly, this depending on who I am dealing with.

Some subs are more sensitive and need a gentle empathetic and considerate interaction, while others prefer a firm hand and need a hard handling. Some seek both and some are formally ready for ANYTHING, no matter what. But they all have one thing in common: they owe me humble submission and unconditional obedience.

I work with single men and women, couples and transgender. Also people with a physical impairment, which is to be communicated to me please at the beginning, are welcome. Apart from my taboos, almost everything is possible. But i warn you that a few things have to be earned first. And some of them in a hard, patient and very loyal way. Whatever we decide to try in a session, I will always have an respect your inclinations, taboos and limits.

I will never do anything that violates our agreements. Before the session, a common code word will be established, which represents your absolute limit.


I’ll always pay attention to your taboos and your inclinations / preferences. But whether any practice is gonna happen, as well as when, how and where it is gonna take takes place, the decision will be entirely up to me.

You must understand that I will always be in charge. You may ask, but never demand. I expect you to fully understand your position and I demand your complete motivation and dedication toward me. You will never put any expectations or time pressure on me. If you show me resilience and endurance for a long time and you are patient and loyal to me, you will experience your greatest reward.

I will be your masterqueen and you can trust from the beginning that I ultimately only want the best for YOU.

We both know that you want something outstanding and I am capable and willing to give it to you, but only and if you prove yourself to be a worthy, true and faithful slave.
In your contact email I expect the following information about you:

Name, age, height, weight, inclinations / fantasies, taboos / limits and your desired date with me (day and time) Please keep it short. If you want, then you can also attach 1 - 2 pictures of yourself.

In addition, you will pay a deposit of CHF 60.00 via Twint or PayPal, as a sign of your seriousness. No deposit, no answer. Furthermore, I guarantee absolute discretion and reliability. If you agree to my terms, then you are already very close to our date.

I welcome you in Zurich and Basel for an unforgettable experience. You would prefer to meet me in your apartment or hotel? I will gladly offer you a discreet escort plus a travel fee.

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